Beautifying Buffer

Our newly designed buffer promotes healthy growth and circulation of your nails with four unique sides!
The buffer will promote a natural shine that lasts for weeks.

Step 1: Use the Smooth Strip to remove all remaining ridges on nails.
For best results use a back and forth motion for 2-3 seconds per nail.

Step 2: Use the Buff Strip to buff each nail for 2-3 seconds to stimulate circulation, repeat every few weeks as necessary.

Step 3: Use the Shine Strip gives a truly unparalleled glossy nail finish.
Buff each nail for 5-10 seconds for a shine that won't fade for weeks!

Critical Cuticle Oil

Pamper yourself with our speciality cuticle oil and give your skin some much needed TLC it deserves . Ideal for dry hands, cracked heels, and even elbows!
Our patented formula softens your skin with our mix of natural oils and vitamins.

After buffering , apply cuticle oil to affected areas for the perfect polish base

Heavenly Hand Balm

Our lightly scented hand cream is infused with lots of ingredients to hydrate, soothe and nourish your skin. The smooth formula glides on and absorbs quickly to hydrate your skin for a youthful look and feel.
Try all the scents and pick your favourite!

Apply by heating up a small amount in your palms and massaging wherever moisture is needed.